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Altitude Infrastructure takes over Kosc Telecom to reinforce the French wholesale-only CaaS carrier as ubiquitous one-stop-shop for all connectivity needs in France

Altitude Infrastructure, one of the major French operator deploying fibre across France, has announced the acquisition of Kosc Telecom. Kosc Telecom is the French wholesale-only CaaS – Connectivity as a Service – provider: since 2017, the carrier provides local access to any operator serving the enterprise market in France, through a fully integrated and automated CaaS e-Portal. The 14 million euros takeover bid was validated on Monday June 29th and a further investment of 100 million euros is planned over the next 5 years to accelerate Kosc Telecom development to better serve its carrier customers' growth.

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6 August 2020
24 October 2019

Kosc Telecom is fully dedicated to its wholesale customers’ success: discover Waycom’s case study

Kosc Telecom is the French wholesale-only Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) provider. A nationwide and growing network coverage of 8 million E-Access Fibre lines, 9 million Best-Effort lines and 15 million DSL lines; two product lines covering all business customers’ needs in France; a unique platform to orchestrate connectivity services from A to Z… In three years, Kosc’s CaaS offer has convinced most domestic wholesale customers and international wholesale customers have started following. At the crossroads: Waycom. Discover how Waycom, one of its satisfied international customers, has partnered with Kosc, in order to increase its business opportunities in France.

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Connectivity as a Service by Kosc Telecom

Kosc Telecom is the French wholesale-only CaaS provider. Three years after its inception, the carrier is now offering nationwide coverage for its high and very high-speed connectivity portfolio. CaaS – Connectivity as a Service – is a whole new way of increasing global carrier business opportunities in France.  

More than 40 referenced wholesale customers; a nationwide network reach of 7 million E-Access Fibre lines, 8 million Best-Effort lines and 15 million DSL lines; two product lines covering all business customers’ needs in France; a unique platform to orchestrate connectivity services from A to Z… Over the past three years, Kosc Telecom has succeeded in launching its business activity while deploying the most comprehensive and unprecedented wholesale-only network in France. 

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21 June 2019
23 October 2018

Kosc Telecom’s E-Access Fibre: two MEF-compliant products to bring fast and easy connectivity to millions of buildings in France

At Capacity Europe 2018, Kosc Telecom introduces a new service to the global carrier market to fulfil their customers’ connectivity needs in France: E-Access Fibre. Kosc’s E-Access Fibre comes as a complementary service to its Best Effort Fibre, launched in April 2018. Best Effort Fibre already offers a breakthrough service with bandwidth up to 1Gbp/s download and 250 Mbp/s upload. Thus, E Access Fibre will deliver transparent, guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth from 10Mbps to 1 Gbps, with the highest E-Access standards and SLAs in France.

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Nicolas de Vanssay appointed Chief Customer Success Officer at Kosc Telecom

Based in Paris, France, Nicolas de Vanssay has been Head of the Customer Success Division since September 2018. He has more than 15 years of international experience including several key positions for a global carrier. He will take full advantage of his strong skills and commitment to Customer Success to support Kosc Telecom’s wholesale clients in growing their businesses. Together with the Customer Success teams, he will keep ensuring high standards focused on delivering customer benefits, especially through Kosc Telecom’s Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) solution.

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01 October 2018
14 April 2018

Kosc Telecom announces new fibre offers to cover all the connectivity needs in France

After having launched its broadband portfolio in 2017, the French wholesale-only Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) provider is now about to offer new opportunities in France for the wholesale telecom market with a brand-new wholesale fibre portfolio. For the very first time in France, a wholesale fibre service dedicated to businesses is now available.

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Kosc Telecom signs its first contracts on Best-Effort Fibre

The wholesale-operator continues fostering of the alternative operator ecosystem dynamic with its first offer on Best-Effort Fibre.

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16 November 2017
23 May 2017

Kosc Telecom signs its first customers

Just one month after the launch of its new CaaS platform - Kosc Telecom confirms the signature of 10,000 connections. 

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Kosc Telecom launches its wholesale-only operator network

BtoB operators can now access Kosc's bitstream DSL and Ethernet First Mile (EFM), with Point-to-point fibre coming soon. 

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31 March 2017
07 March 2017

Kosc Telecom updates their national network with Nokia’s 7750 Service Router

Kosc Telecom, the new French telecom network dedicated to wholesale operators, is pleased to announce that the Nokia 7750 Service Routers are now in operation on its network. The routers will be in charge of collecting, aggregating, and delivering Kosc’s Ethernet services.

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Denis Basque appointed as Chief Financial Control and Regulatory Affairs Officer

Denis Basque is an expert in telecommunications economics with extensive knowledge in asset valuation and cost modelling analysis. His previous experience was acquired during the 11 years spent with TERA Consultants, the international economic consulting firm. He was responsible for over 200 projects that were carried out on behalf of operators, regulators, financial institutions, governments and local authorities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania.

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12 September 2016
6 July 2016

Kosc Telecom partners with ADVA Optical Networking for 100G connectivity

Kosc Telecom has selected the ADVA FSP 3000 for its nationwide DWDM transport network. The carrier is leveraging ADVA Optical Networking’s metro and long-haul technology to provide 100Gbit/s wholesale connectivity to service providers. With metro capabilities in major French cities, such as Paris and Marseille, to mid-sized cities, including Annecy and La Rochelle, the new national network stretches across 20,000km. The optical fiber infrastructure connects 180 cities and covers all regions of France. 

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Kosc Telecom has appointed Rodrigue Esteve as Chief Operations Officer

Rodrigue Esteve spent 11 years working with Mobius; the dedicated B2B operator on Reunion Island (France) and one of his main responsibilities was to supply businesses with automated fibre optic links. The first assignment Kosc will be giving 36-year-old Rodrigue, is to pilot the integration of Completel’s infrastructure into Kosc’s network and to make sure that Kosc’s back-bone is fully rolled out and operational across mainland France.

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11 April 2016
23 March 2016

BPI France joins the venture to accompany Kosc Telecom in the future

Kosc Telecom, the new telecom operator on the wholesale market that acquired Completel last year, has just announced it will receive 9 million euros from Bpifrance to speed-up its business plan. Just four months after Kosc Telecom was established, Bpifrance has chosen to join the venture and their arrival marks an important turning point for the company. By taking a stake in the company’s capital and providing them with an unguaranteed loan, Bpifrance will enable Kosc to increase its financial resources.

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Antoine Fournier appointed as Chief Executive Officer

Kosc Telecom, the newly established alternative operator for the wholesale connectivity market and its consortium formed by Yann de Prince, has started to constitute its management team. Antoine Fournier is the first to be appointed as Chief Executive Officer. At 37 years old, Antoine is widely known in the telecommunications world. His previous experience includes; Director in Regulatory Affairs for Strategy and Economics at Colt Technology Services Group and Partner at Tera Consultants where he began his career. Antoine climbed the ranks within the international economic consulting firm while completing on average 20 missions a year, both in France and abroad. His telecommunication expertise was called upon to handle deployment or regulatory issues.

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18 January 2016
22 December 2015

Kosc consortium to go ahead and take over Completel’s DSL network

The new French telecom carrier, Kosc Telecom all set to join the wholesale connectivity market. The Kosc consortium will acquire Completel’s network and move one step closer to becoming the third wholesale telecom supplier for B2B operators in France. Further information on the brand and its services will be revealed at the beginning of 2016.

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